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Omega-3 acids

Ultimate Omega Liquid
Sale priceFrom 172,90 zł

Probiotics and prebiotics

Nordic Flora Probiotic Daily
Sale price126,90 zł

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin D3 Liquid (Vegan)Vitamin D3 Liquid (Vegan)
Vitamin D3 Liquid (Vegan)
Sale price99,90 zł
Sold out
Nordic Naturals obsessively tests every batch of products to ensure that the products are free of environmental toxins and contaminants.

For children

Omega fatty acids for children

Children's DHA Liquid
Sale priceFrom 74,90 zł Regular price89,90 zł

Vitamins for children

Nordic Berries
Sale priceFrom 114,90 zł Regular price116,90 zł

For babies

Liquid DHA acids

Baby's DHA
Sale price64,90 zł Regular price69,90 zł

DHA acids for vegetarians

Baby's DHA Vegetarian
Sale price121,90 zł

For women

Omega-3 fatty acids for women

Omega Woman
Sale price128,90 zł

Collagen peptides

Collagen Peptides
Collagen Peptides
Sale price172,90 zł
Sold out

Marine collagen with vitamin c

Marine Collagen
Sale price159,90 zł

Borage oil

Nordic Beauty Borage Oil
Sale price119,90 zł Regular price125,90 zł

For pregnant women

Omega acids for pregnant women

Prenatal DHA
Sale priceFrom 114,90 zł Regular price122,90 zł

Omega acids for lactating women

Postnatal Omega-3
Sale price139,90 zł

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Why Nordic Naturals?

Nordic Naturals is committed to providing the world's safest and most effective nutrients for health. All products are research-backed, expertly formulated, rigorously tested, proven to be effective, and most importantly, they taste great.


We deliver orders by DPD, InPost courier or to a selected Parcel Locker